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Problem Solving with your HVAC

We’ve seen it all when it comes to difficult challenges with A/C and home heating systems. If you’ve got a difficult challenge, our experienced technicians can likely help.

Ceiling Saver

Protect your ceilings from leaks caused by your air conditioner

Air conditioners don’t just cool air, they also dehumidify it. Once that water from the air is collected it has to drain somewhere. If your A/C unit is on your roof or in your attic, this can be a problem if a clog ever crops up.

Our ceiling saver kit protects your ceilings by catching any backed up water in a fabricated tub, then shutting off your air conditioner if the water level builds. This protects your ceilings and house from leaks while making you aware – when your air conditioning stops working – that you need repair.

Add a Condensate Pump

Hoses running across your home can be a hassle. We have a solution.

High efficiency furnaces generate wastewater. Air conditioning evaporator coils and flow-through humidifiers do as well. When needed, we will install a condensate pump to relocate this water to a proper drain.

Hard Start System

A hard start system helps your compressor on start up. Distance between your air conditioning coil and your outside condensing unit can cause problem. If it it’s more than 50 feet, you likely need a hard start system. An air conditioning system operates a lot like a pump, pushing refrigerant where it is needed. A hard start system assists that pump in it’s hardest phase, at startup. This system will prolong the life of your compressor.

Remote Monitors

Keeps an eye on your system and home when you can’t

Ask us about a system that allows technology to monitor your system when you are away.

Time Delay Relay to protect your A/C compressor

Keep your air conditioner running smooth instead of starts and stops

A time delay relay will keep your air conditioner from short cycling and wearing out early. They also assist in the instance that there are frequent changes to thermostat settings. A time delay relay will not allow your system to turn on or off for 3-5 minutes after a thermostat adjustment is made, protecting it from changing and cycling too often.

Serving customers in Canton, North Canton, Jackson Township, Green, Alliance, Massillon & Louisville areas, we look forward to helping you solve your heating and air conditioning problems.

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