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Comfort Club Annual Maintenance Benefits

Furnaces and air conditioners are expensive equipment. We respect that you work hard for your money, which is why we offer the Comfort Club. It also helps us keep your HVAC system working at peak efficiency with regular yearly maintenance. We want to take care of the furnace or air conditioner you invested in, so it serves your family for many years. 

Using our Comfort Club to keep your furnace and air conditioning in top shape will help you avoid surprise repairs as well as keep your energy costs lower to save you money. 

Zoned Comfort

Our Comfort Club plan includes:

Check evaporator coil

Set manifold pressure

Check start and run capacitors

Clean evaporator drain

Blower wheel cleaning

Monitor refrigerant level

Tighten electrical connections

Measure voltage differences

Measure amperage draw and gas input

Clean combustion chamber

Clean heat exchanger & condenser coil

Check temperature differences

Set burner adjustment

Check fan blades for tightness

Lubricate fan motor

Monitor expansion valve

Test fan limit switch

Check start and run delays

Adjust bypass dampers and operating pressure

Inspect valves

Adjust thermostat

Check flame baffle and flue

Evaluate safety controls

Clean or replace filters

Clean and adjust burners

Test thermocouple

Check combustion air and ventilation systems

Comfort Club Benefits:

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